The Canavitchi were a species from the planet Fen'vetch Suxa Canavitchi.

Biology Edit

Their lifespan was hundreds of years long. They had a gestalt-like consciousness and were green, slender, and frail-looking, with teeth and fangs. (PROSE: King of Terror)

Culture Edit

The Canavitchi did not fear death, since they considered it to be a doorway to a better life. (PROSE: King of Terror)

History Edit

They were once so feared in the universe that they were the ancient equivalent of the Daleks. According to Shaun Ryman, they had been on Earth for a thousand years, waiting for their warriors to arrive, during which time they faked the Turin Shroud, set up the Knights Templar, gave the Spanish Inquisition ideas about how flat the Earth was, caused the American War of Independence and the Wall Street Crash, and helped Nostradamus write his prophecies, all to slow down humanity's technological evolution. Had it not been for their interference, humanity would have had interstellar travel capability by the 1850s.

They were empire builders for many thousands of years before the Jex enslaved and organised them. After that they then hunted the Jex, and destroyed any worlds where the Jex were found. The Jex wiped out two-thirds of the Canavitchi in their attempts to retain control over them. (PROSE: King of Terror)