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This page refers to the person, for the movie, see: Candy Kane.

Candy Kane — or, more properly, Candice Margaret Kane — was a human teenager the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones met on the planet Sunday in 2108.

She was one of the First Wave of eight hundred settlers to the planet. Consequently she had to endure a cataclysmic tidal wave which killed off half the original original colonists and laid waste to Sunday City, the main settlement. She then became involved in the reconstruction efforts that were necessary to pave the way for the Second Wave.

She had a close, pseudo-filial relationship with xenozoologist Ty Benson and her assistant, Col McConnon. She was friends with Orlo, another colonist her age.

She strongly disliked being called "Candy", but it was the name the vast majority of people — except, notably, the Doctor — called her, anyway. (PROSE: Wetworld)