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Caroline was the wife of Clive Finch. On 5 March 2005, she was shocked that a girl came to see her husband's research on the Doctor. While out shopping, she and her son witnessed Clive's death at the hands of an Auton during their attempted invasion of Earth. She and her son ran from the Autons. (TV: Rose)

Alternatively, during the Auton attack, Clive sacrificed himself upon realising all his theories about the Doctor were true, giving Caroline and their two sons a chance to run away. They were chased and eventually surrounded by two armies of Autons. When the Nestene Consciousness was stopped, Caroline and her sons had survived. Experiencing all this, she realized all of her husband's stories were true, and only one person was to blame. She vowed to find the Doctor and to have her revenge. (PROSE: Rose)

Behind the scenes

According to, Clive's wife was named Maggie. [1]