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Caroline, or "Catz" as she preferred to be called, was a female teenager. She was a granddaughter of the late King Morrish, a Jethwa of the Folflower Royal Family, ruler of the five planets of the Folflower System.

After a republican revolution, which was not a success, the people wanted the monarchy restored. (PROSE: The Graves of Mordane)

Family Edit

A symbol of her family's birthright was a torc — her inheritance, proof of her power and authority. It was hidden on the lost planet of Mordane with her grandfather's body.

Caroline inherited her father's notes and research on Mordane from before the planet "disappeared" from records.

Having re-discovered the location of Mordane, she chartered a small spacecraft (Elizabeth the Fourth) and, aided by Captain Gomez and Jitan Chandra, she retrieved the torc and returned home to lead her people. (PROSE: The Graves of Mordane)