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Father Carrass was a young Brazilian priest. He spoke English with a Portuguese accent.

In 1825 he started to work as a priest in a village in the Amazon rainforest. He took over the job of Father Julio, who had died.

In 1827 he gave the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams a place to rest in the village. Martha had fallen in love with him.

A short time later Father Carrass was abducted by the Nadurni. The Nadurni used their gene manipulator on him and turned him into a creature between animal and human. He still looked like a man but was crawling on all fours and had a dog like face and attacked all creatures near him.

The Doctor used a teleportation machine and connected it to some cables. Then he used the newly created machine on Carrass and other mutated humans. The molecules started to divide forming the outlines of two separate animals or humans. The Doctor told Amy and Rory that if they could be put together they could also turned apart. Then the Doctor teleported Carras and the other mutated humans home, where Martha took care of him. (AUDIO: The Eye of the Jungle)