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Carruthers Summerton was an admirer of Henry Gordon Jago and Professor George Litefoot, as well as their self-designated biographer.

He insisted on joining in on one of their investigations in order to get information for the book. As part of the investigations he knew he helped to discover a secret room in Hartley Harecourt's house, which turned out to be a laboratory. He also accompanied Jago to a Gasogene shop where he watched Jago embarrass himself. When he discovered that Hatty Kindred was a Doctor of Chemistry he found it hilarious. (AUDIO: The Case of the Missing Gasogene)

He attended Jago's wake. (AUDIO: The Mourning After)

He accompanied Jago and Litefoot on Luke Betterman practice and to find Betterman when he wasn't there. He found it exciting that he was helping a police investigation. After one of the murders he observed Litefoot giving an autopsy. He used the work of Sibelius Crow to create zombies. He collected a lot of memorabilia on Jago and Litefoot. He had been watching the duo since Doctor Heinrich Tulp. He told Gabriel Sanders that Jago and Litefoot where getting close to him and The Colonel where on the embankment to find the duo. He wanted to preserve Jago and Litefoot as part of his collection. He fell into the wax that he was going to use to preserve the duo. (AUDIO: The Museum of Curiosities)

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