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Carson Wright was a successful businessman in the late 19th century.

Biography Edit

In his youth, he was a soldier in the Royal Navy. He left the Navy and set up a metal factory in London. The factory produced items ranging from girders to munitions and became praised in the financial pages.

In the 1890s, Wright went insane and decided to protect Britain by attacking its enemies with an endless legion of robots. He fired all of the workers from his factory and changed the machines so that they made robots. He then merged himself with the machines to be the controller of the robots. The Paternoster Gang learned that he had fired all of his employees and came to the factory to investigate. Wright encountered the Gang and attacked them with his robots, but Strax was able to shoot the factory's boiler. With the boiler broken there wasn't anything to power the factory and Wright died, taking his robots with him. (PROSE: The Fear Factory)