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Cat small worlds
Biological type: Mammal
Place of origin: Earth
Notable individuals: Wolsey, Mitzi, Marmaduke, Biggles, Antranak, Yvonne
First seen in: Planet of Giants
Appearances: see list
Memorable moment
Face to Face With a Giant Cat - Doctor Who - Planet of Giants - BBC03:08

Face to Face With a Giant Cat - Doctor Who - Planet of Giants - BBC

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Extraterrestrial lookalikes
CatkindGlombKitlingCat-PersonBeserkat FelineGallifreyan catSehkmet
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A cat was a type of predatory and usually small feline mammal. Cats came in a variety of colours and shapes and were commonly domesticated as pets. (PROSE: Human Nature)

The Tenth Doctor once claimed the cats on Earth weren't native to the planet, but were aliens. Rather than the prosaic names their human "owners" tended to give them, their actual names were much grander like "Great Hunter Grimalkin Greycoat Lionheart". Donna believed he was pulling her leg. (COMIC: Autopia)

Regardless of the truth of this claim, cats became extinct on Earth before the year 2157. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)

Cats in Earth culture edit

Victorian showmen used to draw the crowds by taking the skull of a cat, glueing it to a fish, and calling it a mermaid. The Ninth Doctor compared the Slitheen's Space Pig with this trick while explaining the Space Pig's true nature to Toshiko Sato. (TV: Aliens of London)

Cats and the Doctor edit

The Doctor's relationship with cats varied.

First Doctor edit

Fourth Doctor edit

Fifth Doctor edit

Sixth Doctor edit

Seventh Doctor edit

  • The Seventh Doctor and Ace enountered a mysterious black cat-like extraterrestrial that was transporting humans to another world. The two initially thought it was a house cat until its alien nature was identified. This was actually a Kitling. (TV: Survival)
Wolsey TARDIS console

The Seventh Doctor's cat, Wolsey, relaxes atop the time rotor. (PROSE: Human Nature)

Eighth Doctor edit


The Eighth Doctor dreams that he is a cat named Tardis Tails. (COMIC: The Glorious Dead)

Ninth Doctor edit

Tenth Doctor edit

  • On encountering a ginger cat, the Doctor declared he was not a cat person. Chloe Webber later drew the same cat, trapping it in a picture for the Isolus to play with. Along with the Doctor and all the other people and things in Chloe's drawings, it was restored by Rose Tyler. (TV: Fear Her)
  • The Doctor and Rose encountered a cat called Mitzi, a test subject which had been sent into Hyperspace and ended up ruling the planet Photris. After freeing the humans on Photris from Mitzi's control, the Doctor and Rose took Mitzi to the Powell Estate where she would be found and adopted by a younger Rose and Jackie Tyler under the name Puffin. (PROSE: The Cat Came Back)
  • Despite this, the Doctor seemed to have no qualms with petting the kitten offspring of Thomas and Valerie Brannigan, and even hugged a former member of the Sisters of Plenitude before coming to his senses. (TV: Gridlock)
  • After that, he got over his cat hatred — despite previous statements, "he seemed to be getting on OK with this one". Just as he was coming around, though, the Hervoken used the Necris to force cats to attack the Doctor. (PROSE: Forever Autumn)
  • After Rose Tyler was tapped in Pete's World, the Tenth Doctor got a ginger cat and declared he would name it Rose. (COMIC: A Rose by Any Other Name)

Eleventh Doctor edit

Other cats edit

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