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Bernice Summerfield stories
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Bernice Summerfield stories is the highest-level category concerning stories with the character of Bernice Summerfield.

The Categories of Bernice Summerfield

The character of Bernice Summerfield is a complicated one. She started as a companion of the Seventh Doctor in the Virgin New Adventures series and then became the lead character in that novel series after Virgin lost the right to publish stories featuring the Doctor. She then jumped into audio over at Big Finish Productions, where she's their longest-running series. She's also done a fair amount of crossing over into other lines that Big Finish run. And she's been featured in Doctor Who Magazine comic strips and a number of Big Finish-published books. Thus, unlike many other characters, it's not possible just to leave the categorisation at Category:Bernice Summerfield stories. No, something more complex has been arranged here. In order for the categories to remain useful, please try to adhere to this scheme.

  1. Bernice Summerfield stories. The main category. Everything is underneath this one.
    1. Bernice Summerfield audio stories. This contains all the audio stories. Since the audios have only been done by Big Finish Productions, this category is the same as saying, "All of Benny's Big Finish appearances."
      1. Bernice Summerfield audio series. This contains all the releases in Big Finish's main Benny audio series (both single releases and box sets). It is a subset of the above category. All entries in this category will also be listed individually in Category:Bernice Summerfield audio stories. But this category doesn't include things like Benny's appearance in The Company of Friends or other releases that aren't actually a part of the main BFBS line, such as releases from The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield.
    2. Bernice Summerfield prose stories. This is a meta-category for housing the categories below. No individual pages are stored here.
      1. Bernice Summerfield short stories. Short stories.
      2. Bernice Summerfield novels. This has all of the Benny novels, regardless of publisher or whether she's the main character.
        1. BFBS novels. This has all of the Big Finish Benny novels.
        2. Bernice Summerfield anthologies. This has all the Big Finish anthologies, but since only Big Finish have published anthologies, there's no need for it to be preceded with "Big Finish".
        3. BNA novels. This has all of the Virgin Bernice Summerfield New Adventures. It does not include the Virgin New Adventures featuring the Seventh Doctor in which Benny was a companion.
        4. NA novels with Bernice Summerfield organizes those Virgin New Adventures in which Benny is a companion to the Doctor.
    3. Bernice Summerfield comic stories. Because Benny's appearances in comics are few, there's no need to distinguish by publisher.

Note that a secondary hierarchy exists to categorise just the Big Finish output. All of the above BF categories are also organised under Big Finish Bernice Summerfield stories. This category should only be used to organise other categories; individual pages can only be underneath it if they both do not fit any existing subcategory and are not numerous enough for a new subcategory.

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