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Real world musicians is a top-level category for musicians and bands who perform songs either in or about the Doctor Who universe. Individual pages should not be categorised here.

Please consider the following categories, instead.

When the music isn't specifically made for a DWU story Edit

When the music is original to a DWU story Edit

When the music doesn't even appear in a DWU story Edit

When the music is heard or discussed by characters in-universe Edit

People are sometimes in more than one of these categories Edit

In most cases a page cannot be placed in both a real world and in-universe category. Musicians blur the line, however, because their work can sometimes be heard by characters. This makes them part of a behind-the-scenes category and an in-universe one.

Here's an example. Britney Spears' song, "Toxic", is in TV: The End of the World, by virtue of being played on Cassandra's "iPod". Thus, Spears is in Real world musicians whose work appears in Doctor Who, to account for the fact that "Toxic" is not a song specifically composed for Doctor Who. But she's also in Musicians from the real world, because she's a real world person who is part of the Doctor Who universe.


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