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Celebrate Regenerate was a special celebratory book released for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. It was written and illustrated 100% by members of Doctor Who fandom.

Publisher's summary Edit

Celebrate, Regenerate is a fan-created non-profit (unauthorised and unofficial) book which celebrates 50 years of Doctor Who!

£1 from every sale will be donated to Children in Need.

303 pages. 400+ articles. 260+ writers. Countless companions. Loads of artwork. Bonus features.


Exclusive interviews with Anneke Wills (60s companion Polly), Joe Lidster (writer), Joe Ahearne (director) and Tom MacRae (writer).

Subject matter Edit

Celebrate Regenerate is a fan celebration of Doctor Who. Fans have written reviews for every televised Doctor Who serial, as well as additional stories such as Dimensions in Time and the Curse of Fatal Death.

Notable features Edit

Celebrate Regenerate has contributions from over 200 Whoers, and also contains exclusive interviews with Joe Ahearne, Tom MacCrae, Joseph Lidster and Anneke Wills.

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