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A century or hundred was a great achievement for a batsman, which had to be accomplished in a single innings. According to the 2060 England Olympic coach, Paul Addison, batsman Jimmy Harper had achieved a triple century by the time the Fifth Doctor had arrived at the pitch. (AUDIO: Nekromanteia) The Fifth Doctor and Peri once attempted, and failed, to attend a match where Boycott scored his hundredth hundred, which the Doctor claimed was an important event in English sports history. (PROSE: Light at the End of the Tunnel)

Behind the scenes Edit

Neither Nektromanteia nor Light makes the point clearly, assuming that their intended, British audiences will simply know what a century is: a score of 100 runs in a single innings by a single batsman. A triple century would therefore be 300 runs under the same conditions.

A link between the terms century and hundred is also never made in DWU fiction, because British authors would rightly assume their audiences would need no such hand-holding.

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