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Biological type: Transcendental being
Place of origin: Earth
Appearance: Revolutions of Terror
Cerebravores were a predatory species created by experiments done on Pranavores, by a species known as the Fleshkind. They fed off negative human emotions, and were naked to the human eye, just like the Pranavores, as they lived on the Psychosphere, Earth's psychic dimension. They preyed on people with negative emotion fields, possessing them and creating a psychic projection of the person's fear. Eventually, the host died and the cerebravore searched for another.

The Fleshkind experimented with some Pranavores in search of creating a psychic weapon, separating them from their hive mind. Without it, they mutated and became Cerebravores, attacking and killing all of the Pranavores, eventually finding the way to break out from the Psychosphere. They escaped via a portal located in a laundromat, starting an invasion across New York City. One of them attacked Gabby Gonzalez, but she was rescued by the Tenth Doctor. The Doctor defeated them with a blast of positive psychic energy, with Gabby's help. (COMIC: Revolutions of Terror)

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