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Chal was the leader of the Savages who lived outside the city of the Elders.

When he and Tor saw the First Doctor, Chal wanted to kill him, since he wasn't one of their people. Chal offered to trade himself for Nanina when she was shot by Exorse, but Exorse wouldn't listen. Chal stopped Tor from killing Dodo Chaplet and Steven Taylor. He took them to the Savages' place in the caves and tried to explain to Steven that his people couldn't fight the Elders.

Chal accompanied Steven and Dodo when they captured Exorse, then took them to the city so they could find the Doctor. Chal believed the Doctor when he said that Jano could be trusted after his intransference with the Doctor.

After the Doctor defeated the Elders and destroyed their machine, Chal and Jano agreed to work together and chose Steven to be their new leader. (TV: The Savages)