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Chan Chiu was an old friend of the Tenth Doctor who lived in 19th century China.

In his youth, Chan Chiu encountered the Doctor and discovered the universe was full of demons. This adventure encouraged him to protect his little kingdom against threats. Whenever any trouble occurred, Chan Chiu called on the Doctor for help.

In his old age, Chan Chiu had settled down in the village of Tang Dynasty with his wife and young nephew Li. he lived in fear of the Stone Monkey, a demon out to absorb the souls of the citizens of Tang Dynasty. Chan Chiu knew he was too old to defend the village against the Stone Monkey and his warriors, so he asked the Doctor for help. The Doctor needed a citizen of the village who knew how to enter the Stone Monkey's caves. Chan Chiu reluctantly allowed his nephew Li to assist the Doctor in defeating the Stone Monkey. (COMIC: Reigns of The Stone Monkey)

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