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Changing of the Guard was the first audio story in Big Finish Productions' third series of Counter-Measures.

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Sir Toby fights for his career, while Counter-Measures leads a very different fight...

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  • Kenny White began running the Ruby Club on Old Compton Street in Soho several months earlier after his brother Terry was sent to prison.
  • Gilmore describes White as "a dangerous cove" and Allison as "a game girl".
  • Allison uses the pseudonym "Rachel West".
  • William Heaton is a member of the Conservative Party. Sir Toby sneers at his membership of the Sunday Club, "Sunday because it comes before Monday" (meaning the Monday Club), who he says are similar to the US neoconservatives.
  • Heaton remarks that Allison was top of her year at Cambridge and noted as "one to watch".
  • Templeton refers to The Secret Seven series of books by Enid Blyton and mixes them up with her The Famous Five series.
  • Allison refers to the James Bond film series.
  • Rachel describes Sir Toby as "pig-headed" and "difficult to get along with".
  • Ronald and Reginald Kray appear at the end. (Tim Bentinck says he did the voices in Behind the Scenes)

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