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Chantal Osterberg was born in the year AD 438,526. It was an age when humans had discarded all sciences other than biology, which they had perfected. They had discovered how to harness every hormone and control every human emotion. This was done with a small pack which most humans owned. Those who did not were known as the Refusers. The Refusers thought of themselves as natural humans. They were outnumbered, as the majority of humans followed like sheep and purchased these packs.

At a young age Chantal had been given an intelligence update, giving her an advantage over all other humans. Returning to the point of humans being like sheep, they followed her until the year 26,185 BC when she promised them peaceful lives, where they could observe the history of their species.

Unfortunately all geniuses have a flaw and Chantal's was that she was insane. She had bred her own species, the Hy-Bractors. Her intention was to use them to wipe out the human race. (PROSE: Only Human)

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