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This page details the Doctor Who Action Figures released by Character Options, who currently own the rights to produce action figures for the BBC Wales (Series One and onward) series of Doctor Who. Visit Character Options SJA action figures for a list of action figures from The Sarah Jane Adventures.

List of Character Group 5 inch Doctor Who action figures to date Edit

Series 1 Edit

See Character Options series 1 action figures

Series 2 Edit

See Character Options series 2 action figures

Series 3 Edit

See Character Options series 3 action figures

Series 4 Edit

See Character Options series 4 action figures

  • Time Lord (Incorrectly packaged as Series 4)

Series 5 Edit

See Character Options series 5 action figures

Series 6 Edit

See Character Options series 6 action figures

Series 7 Edit

List of Character Options 3.75 inch scale figures Edit

Series 7 Wave 1

Series 7 Wave 2

Series 8

  • Twelfth Doctor in costume

Classic range Edit

Wave 1 Edit

Ages of Steel Edit

San Diego Comic Convention exclusives for 2009 Edit

As Part of The Fourth Doctor Adventure Set:

From Dalek Collector's sets:

The Second Wave of Classic figures was:

Forbidden Planet Exclusive Figure Sets Edit

The Range of Sound FX Daleks was:

New Series action figure sets Edit

B&M Collectors Sets Edit

List of 3.75 Inch Scale Playsets Edit

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