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As well as producing an extensive range of articulated and highly detailed action figures, Character Options also produced high quality toys related to both Doctor Who, and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Doctor Who Edit

Keyrings Edit

  1. New Series Doctor Who Logo (2005 £3.99 UK)
  2. Dalek (2005 £3.99 UK)
  • 3D cast metal keyring on a metal chain with antique pewter finish.
  1. TARDIS (2005 £3.99 UK)
  2. Dalek (2005 £3.99 UK)
  • Detailed plastic on chain and clip

Mugs Edit

  1. The Ninth Doctor and Rose (2005 £3.99 UK))
  2. Slitheen and Dalek (2005 £3.99 UK))
  3. Dalek "Exterminate!" (2006 £3.99 UK)
  4. TARDIS (2006 £3.99 UK)
  • A number of ceramic mugs with an electronic talking feature were released in various designs and with various recorded sampled speech and sound effects (around 30 seconds).
  • A detachable unit in the base that was battery powered detected a horizontal movement of the mug, activating the sound.
  • Requires 3 x 1.5v AG13 batteries.

Bottle opener Edit

  • This battery operated Dalek bottle opener says "Exterminate!" when connected to the bottle cap. (2005)
  • Interestingly this product was marked suitable for age 5+.

Phone flasher Edit

  1. TARDIS with dark blue no roof texture. Red interior packaging (2005 £7.99 UK)
  2. TARDIS with lighter blue textured roof. Blue interior packaging (2005 £7.99 UK)
  • Two versions of this model Police Box which flashed and sounded when a mobile phone rung in the vicinity.
  • Phone compatibility was an issue.

TARDIS playset Edit

  • A detailed, three quarter interior set built to accommodate the range of 5" action figures, with interactive console.

TARDIS exterior Edit

  • A detailed, TARDIS exterior built to accommodate the range of 5" action figures, with sound effects, closing door mechanism, flashing lights and "spinning motion", capable of housing 2-3 figures.
  • A second revised Eleventh Doctor version was released on 26/06/2010.
  • A third revised Twelfth Doctor version was released in late 2015.

Sonic screwdriver Edit

  • A highly detailed authentic replica for use as a UV pen and UV light to write and reveal hidden messages!
  • The extendable slide and button action activated a sonic wave emitter and light.
  • The sonic screwdriver pack came with a 30 sheet notepad and an extra black ink nib.

Laser screwdriver Edit

River Song's sonic screwdriver Edit

  • Features included red and blue light settings, sound effects and a hidden neural relay indicator panel.

Sonic screwdriver and pen Edit

Eleventh Doctor sonic screwdriver Edit

  • Released in April 2010 following the Eleventh Doctors UK TV premier of The Eleventh Hour (alongside 2 Eleventh Doctor 5" crash figures showing Tenth costume and new costume) RRP £14.99 (UK).

Judoon scanner Edit

Vortex manipulator Edit

  • Replica vortex manipulator as worn by Jack Harkness with a small sonic screwdriver.

Fob watch Edit

Journal of Impossible Things Edit

  • This small-scale replicated journal as seen in The Family of Blood and Human Nature with 78 printed pages and 21 blank pages for further notes in a leather-style cover.
  • The battery operated mini sonic screwdriver with blue LED could also be used as a black ink pen.
  • A later release in 2009 saw the mini-sonic screwdriver being replaced with a copy of the Masters ring.

TARDIS moneybox Edit

  • Variants have been released of the TARDIS Moneybox each with opening doors, (inlaid photo revealing the TARDIS interior, Doctor, companion and coin slot).
  • On opening the door, speech and sound is activated and the top light flashes with materialisation sound effects when the door is closed.
  1. The first release featured the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler in the TARDIS doorway. The TARDIS was dark blue, had no roof texture and came in red inlaid pack.
  2. With the second release, the TARDIS was a lighter blue had a textured roof and was packaged in a blue inlaid pack.
  3. Photo inlay shows the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler.
  4. Photo inlay shows the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones.
  5. Photo inlay shows the Eleventh Doctor's first TARDIS interior and repainted TARDIS
  6. Photo inlay shows the Twelfth Doctor's TARDIS interior and repainted TARDIS

The Sarah Jane Adventures Edit

Sonic lipstick and watch set Edit

  • Sold as a set of two items with the lipstick requiring batteries.

Alien communicator set Edit

  • Sold as a set , the electronic alien communicator (requiring batteries) came with a UV pen and notepad.

Games Edit

  • Dalek Hunter LCD Game
  • Laser versus Sonic

Remote control toys Edit

Cyberman toom guard Edit

  • These base mounted figures had a range of movement and speech modes activated by motion sensors.

Tenth Doctor and K9 Edit

Battle Dalek 5" figure Edit

  • The first remote controlled Dalek from Character Options featured a gold Dalek and control.
  • Originally an exclusive for FW Woolworth.
  • Was available in 27 and 40 MHz.
  • Same gold Dalek as issued in the Dalek Battle Pack but without front sensor.

Battle Daleks Set Edit

  • Two variant sets were issued featuring two Daleks (one gold, one black and gold), two controllers and either a Rose or the Ninth Doctor 5" figure with screwdriver (2005 £30.00 UK)

Walkie talkies Edit

  • Set of two large character-shaped walkie talkies featuring the Ninth Doctor and a Slitheen (2005 £19.99 UK)
  • Reissued later, the Ninth Doctor was replaced with a version of the Tenth Doctor.

K9 Edit

  • This K9 figure was modelled to a 1:5 scale and had a removable side panel.

Davros Edit

  • This Davros figure was available in both 12" and 5" models.

12" Supreme Dalek Edit

  • A 5" remote control version was also available to the same design.

18" Control Dalek Edit

  • Remote controlled deluxe model with a huge range of features that included;

Voice changers Edit

Variations on a theme, these voice changing helmets had adjustable straps to fit most heads and a built in voice modular and a variety of settings operable from concealed buttons.

Dalek helmet Edit

Dalek Sec hybrid helmet Edit

Cyberman helmet Edit

Judoon helmet Edit

Supreme Dalek helmet Edit

Cyber Leader helmet Edit