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A platform sign (TV: The Web of Fear)

Charing Cross was a London Underground station proximate to Covent Garden. The Second Doctor walked the distance between the two along the rails, during the so-called "London Event". The British Army had rigged the station to explode, in order to combat the Yeti. Due to the fact that Jamie McCrimmon lied to the Army about being alone, the detonator was activated in ignorance of the Doctor's presence. Charing Cross, and the Doctor himself, escaped demolition only because a Yeti contained the explosion with its webbing. (TV: The Web of Fear)

Mike Yates was once sent by the Brigadier to Charing Cross in order to stop the inter-galactic criminal Hingrad from exiting the London Underground there. Hingrad was instead more interested in escaping via a tunnel he had dug from Tower Hill to the Tower of London itself. (COMIC: Secret of the Tower)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Web does not identify the station's location, which is of course at the Charing Cross Road.
  • Charing Cross shares with Monument the honour of being one of the few tube stations to be used as the location for a cliffhanger. Episode 1 of The Web of Fear ends on the Charing Cross platform.

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