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Sir Charles Summer was the head of the Royal Scientific Club. He announced the date of C-Day and answered reporters' questions about the WOTAN project. He informed the First Doctor about strange events that were occurring. He was surprised when Polly Wright showed up to work for him on Major Green's orders.

When the Doctor released Dodo Chaplet from WOTAN's hypnotic control, Summer sent her to his country house so his wife could take care of her.

Summer was initially sceptical of Ben Jackson's report on the War Machines and wanted to handle matters in his own way. He later accompanied the Doctor to confront the War Machines. (TV: The War Machines)

He retired in the early 1970s. His memoirs described the C-Day fiasco in more detail than had previously been given to the British public. He credited the Doctor for the successful resolution of the crisis. He described the Doctor as an English gentleman in his early sixties with "imperious white hair swept back from his face and reaching almost to collar length, with haughty features and piercing eyes that burned with intelligence and wit." (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy)