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Charlie and the Doctor's Badger - Doctor Who Confidential - BBC Three06:08

Charlie and the Doctor's Badger - Doctor Who Confidential - BBC Three

The origin of Charlie the badger, in its entirety.

Charlie the badger was a hand puppet given to Matt Smith as a Christmas gift by Charlie McDonnell, a guest presenter of special web-based episodes of Doctor Who Confidential. McDonnell was the puppet's namesake.

Badgers and otters, respectively, are sort of my animals. And llamas I'm really intrigued by.Matt Smith, upon receiving Charlie the badger [src]
Smith was genuinely pleased with the gift and tried to create a character with it immediately upon receiving it. (CON: Charlie McDonnell - Christmas Presents (badger)) It was later revealed that Smith had in fact received the puppet while filming The Rebel Flesh. Bitter cold conditions during location filming in December 2010 required the cast to find ways of coping. One of Smith's methods of choice was to continue to develop the voice of the badger and to use it to amuse at least Karen Gillan. (CON: Double Trouble) The badger was later seen in a corner of Mrs. Gillyflower's drawing room. (TV: The Crimson Horror)

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