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Biological type: Insectoid
Affiliated with: Jared Khan
Place of origin: Alya
Notable individuals: Queen Ch'tizz
Appearances: PROSE: Birthright, PROSE: Happy Endings, AUDIO: Birthright
The Charrl were an insectoid race. They migrated to the planet Antýkhon in hope of forging a new civilisation. However the planet was almost uninhabitable.

Biology Edit

They had great psionic powers and had specialists in time travel. They used these specialists and their own psi-powers to contact Jared Khan. The Charrl reproduced by biting their victims. The newly born offspring later hatched out of the host body. (PROSE: Birthright, AUDIO: Birthright)

History Edit

The Charrl intended to use a Time Vector Generator to stabilise a temporal rift between Antýkhon and Earth of 1909 (known as the Great Divide) and travel back in time to conquer and live on Earth. (PROSE: Birthright, AUDIO: Birthright)


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