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Chasm Forge was a class A7 mining station owned by Ganymede Systems. It was built to mine copper ore at some point in the far future after humanity had become a spacefaring species.

After receiving a distress call, the Twelfth Doctor went to the station with Bill and Nardole. (TV: Oxygen)

Design Edit

Chasm Forge was built on top of an asteroid from which it mined resources. The station itself was circular and made up of several sections connected together by circular rings. The station was connected to the asteroid by a single central support column. Conveyors were used to mine the asteroid. The station housed a smartsuit repair bay, central nuclear core and dormitories. (TV: Oxygen)

Crew Edit

Chasm Forge originally housed a crew of forty. Upon the Doctor's arrival, only four life signs remained. These were those of Tasker, Abby, Dahh-Ren and Ivan. Ivan's wife Ellie was also part of the crew, although she died prior. (TV: Oxygen)

Technology Edit

Chasm Forge was designed as a mining station powered by a central nuclear reactor. Its computers were controlled by an onboard artificial intelligence called Velma. She monitored communications, the airlocks, th oxygen supply, the smartsuits and had many other functions.

The smartsuits on board Chasm Forge possessed mechanized exo-skeletons that meant they could take control and function automatically, without there necesarily being an occupant present. When put a user the exo-skeleton would wrap itself around the user's limbs and the rest of the suit would teleport onto the occupant. The suit formed an invisible force field around the user's head to provide them with oxygen. However, these shields were not strong enough to endure the vacuum of space. Collapsible helmets were thus provided along with the suit to remedy this. Magnetic soles were built into the heals of the suits' boots to allow them to walk on the outside of the station. The suits were equipped with a number of tools such as welding lasers to perform various maintenance tasks. Each suit was connected to the onboard AI and could receive remote commands. If ordered to, the suits could "deactivate their organic components". This meant killing the occupant by emitting a lethal electric shock that fried the person's nervous system.

On hand, the personnel of Chasm Forge had laser pistols and rifles that were used to defend themselves. (TV: Oxygen)

History Edit

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Shadow World Edit

In the Shadow World, a virtual reality designed by the Monks to be a perfect copy of the Doctor's universe, simulacra of the Twelfth Doctor, Bill Potts and Nardole had recently returned from Chasm Forge. The Doctor had been blinded as a result of his trip there. (TV: Extremis)

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