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Checkmate is the fifth audio play in the Kaldor City series. Written by Alan Stevens, it deals with Uvanov and Iago's struggle to contain the threat of the killer robots.

Publisher's summary Edit

"Cause and effect. It applies to everything."

Taren Capel's legacy is unleashed, and death stalks the streets. As Uvanov fights for his career and life, Paullus contacts a force which could be the salvation of the people of Kaldor -- or their destruction.

With Carnell gone, Iago is the only one who can save the city from its fate -- but to do that, he must sacrifice everything...

Kaldor City - Checkmate uses characters and concepts from Chris Boucher's Doctor Who novel Corpse Marker to tell an apocalyptic tale of subterfuge and revelation.

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

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Indiviuals Edit

  • The Doctors estimate Rull will be released from hospital in 2 months.
  • Landerchild is 1 of only 10 people to survive the attack on Company Central.
  • Derhaven mentioned to 'old Galitzian' how Uvanov is unpredictable.
  • Uvanov's parent's were from the Sewerpits. Citizen's from there wouldn't have got anywhere 30 years ago, back when his sort knew their place.
  • Daniel Packard has been in the public eye for 20 years.
  • Rull mentions the Larson Project scam and how Bextor died of auto-erotic asphyxiation. Cotton mentions it involved a piece of lemon. Rull suspects Bextor was murdered.
  • Landerchild accuses Uvanov of killing 39 founding family members.

Objects Edit

  • Iago rationalises Carnell's chess game as a retreat from the emotional and unknownable into the logical and seft contained. A displacement activity: he was losing control of the real world, so he retreated into a fictional one. The game of chess was a way for him to pretend he was still in charge.
  • Iago uses a laserson probe to modify V13's secondary command channel. Uvanov likens the laserson probe to using a spanner.

Kaldor City Edit

The Company Board Edit

  • Company Central have a secret emergency location unknown to Uvanov. He is to contract then using an emergency code, contained in a file marked emergency procedures.
  • At 0000 hours a full emergency meeting of the Company board will take place to discuss the recent attack on Company Central and the outbreak of killer robots.
  • Firstmaster Derhaven supports Landerchild in calling for a vote of no confidence in Firstmaster Chairholder Uvanov.
  • The representative of the most senior family is Firstmaster Schraeder.

Robots Edit

  • There are no robots at Uvanov's residence.
  • Prior to boarding the Storm Mine, Taren Capel used his position in the Company to ensure every Dum, Voc and Supervoc in Kaldor City would at the sound of a trigger phrase turn into a remorseless killer.
  • The instruction to "stop the killing now" is passed from V13 to V101. Iago plans to use the news link and entertainment channels to broadcast it on a frequency that only robots will be able to detect.

Tarenists Edit

  • The Church of Taren Capel is announced to have claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack on the Company Central building.
  • Uvanov describes the Tarenists as having "a twisted mix of robophobia and religious fanaticism."
  • The cover story Uvanov gives to the Company Board is that Tarenists released the trigger phrase to awake the killer robots.
  • Uvanov accuses Carnell of financing the Church of Taren Capel.

Fendahl Edit

  • The Fendahl communicates with Paullus through the static on the tapes using Taren Capel's aspect.
  • Snake creatures appear; these are the Fendahl's servants known as Fendahleen.
  • The Emptiness is a desert wind that comes directly from the centre of the Blind Heart Desert.

Notes Edit

  • Following the release of this play, and the sad death of Russell Hunter, it was generally assumed that the Kaldor City audio stories had reached a natural end. However, to date, three further audio productions have been released.
  • Due to the ambiguous ending to this story, it can be speculated that what happens on Kaldor from this point onwards, (particularly AUDIO: The Prisoner and AUDIO: Storm Mine) is a product of Iago's dying brain. Another explanation is that everything onwards including the climax of this story is taking place within the Fendahl gestalt. (See story notes and continuity sections in AUDIO: Storm Mine for additional reasons as to why this might be so.)
  • The play closes with a version of the theme music from The Logic of Empire, a fan produced Blake's 7 audio co-written by Alan Stevens, before leading into the series theme.
  • A specially recorded audio trailer was released to promote this story taking the form of a short monologue as read in character by Paul Darrow as Iago.[1]
  • The copyright notice printed on the CD release of this production states: "Unauthorised copying, hiring, renting, public performance and broadcasting is strictly prohibited or Cotton will insert a lemon."
  • This story was part of a recording block that also consisted of: AUDIO: Hidden Persuaders, and AUDIO: Taren Capel.[2]
  • The CD cover art was designed by Andy Hopkinson.
  • The third edition of Mad Norwegian Press' reference work AHistory gives a year of 2890 for the events of this story.

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