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The Chelonian anthem was a song performed by Chelonians in celebration. In total, it had one hundred and eighty five verses. It was customary to meet guests with a recital of the anthem.

One Chelonian noted that the anthem mocked "the claim of parasites to intelligence". Jottipher was present when once of the verses was performed and he joined in.

Chelonia, Chel – o – nia!
Goddess preserve Chelonia as the boundaries of its dominion spread to a wideness that is almost unbelievable,
And flagrantly incomprehensible to the minds of lesser creatures.
Let the panoply of deities give expression to the desire of all Chelonians to stamp out parasitism wherever it is encountered,
Particularly where this concerns the attempts by parasites to establish communities that, laughably, presume a degree of social intelligence. (PROSE: Zamper)

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