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Cheryl Russell was a crew member on Project Eden in the 22nd century. She met and married her husband, Sam, on the voyage to the Lucifer system from Earth in 2152, and he joined the Project. Cheryl started having an affair with Paula Engado.

In 2157, the Seventh Doctor, Bernice Summerfield, and Ace arrived in the Lucifer system. Bernice befriended Cheryl, and later walked in on her and Paula having sex. Sam found out about their affair, and Cheryl told Paula that she loved her, but she wouldn't leave her husband. Paula decided to go on her expedition to Lucifer to try to talk to the Angels early. However, Piper O'Rourke's virus corrupted the starsuits' software, and Paula died falling through the atmosphere. Later, Sam's starsuit broke his neck, and Piper hid his body in a locker. When Cheryl found out that Piper killed her husband and her lover, she punched her over and over until the Doctor restrained her.

When Alex Bannen caused reality-altering energy to emanate across the base, Cheryl was one of the few who escaped the system in Bishop's shuttle. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)