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Chief clown
Chief clown
Appearance: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
Main actor: Ian Reddington

The chief clown was the head clown of the Psychic Circus. His face painting resembled that of a pierrot clown. He had originally been one of the free-spirited entertainers of the Psychic Circus, who was in charge of a group of robotic clowns, but after the circus settled on the planet Segonax, he and the other circus members were forced to entertain the Gods of Ragnarok.

The chief clown was apparently in charge of the circus' security; while in this capacity, he and the mute robot clowns lured people into the ring where they were killed for entertainment. Not wanting to lose his control over the circus, he wore undertakers' clothing and travelled in a hearse with dark-tinted windows, hunting down escapees such as Bellboy and Flowerchild.

He was killed by a malfunctioning robot that Ace had set so it would save the other people of the circus. (TV: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy)

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