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Children of the Evil Eye (comic story)

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Children of the Evil Eye
Children of the evil eye
Doctor: Third Doctor
Companion(s): Arnold
Main enemy: Oswald
Main setting: Earth, 32nd century
Key crew
Publisher: Polystyle
Artist: Gerry Haylock
Release details
Printed in: TV Comic 1133-1138
Release date: 1 September - 6 October 1973
Format: Comic - 6 parts (12 pages)
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Children of the Evil Eye was the first Doctor Who comic in the pages of TV Comic after a three year "detour" through TV Action. It began a short story arc involving Arnold, a young boy who would travel with the Third Doctor for the next few stories.

Summary Edit

The Time Lords send the Doctor into Earth's future, when the entire planet is under the control of children. Their leader is determined to discover the secret of the TARDIS.

Plot Edit

to be added

Characters Edit

References Edit

Notes Edit

  • The recap at the beginning of the third part is somewhat muddled due to a line of text having been misplaced. As a result, the recap reads somewhat confusingly: "Projected into the future, the Doctor / damaging robot machinery. / But, Amazingly, the planet is ruled by / is tried on a distant planet for accidentally / children, and..." (original published text) The fact that the Doctor's speech balloon directly below reads "What nonsense is this?" is pure coincidence.

Continuity Edit

to be added


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