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Chris Lawson was the visual effects designer for the Doctor Who serials Arc of Infinity, Planet of Fire and Attack of the Cybermen.

His career began around 1981 with a few episodes of Terry and June, starring June Whitfield and he remained active through at least 2011. Arc of Infinity was one of his earliest jobs and it was soon followed by a stint on The Black Adder. On that Richard Curtis/Rowan Atkinson project, he effectively replaced John Brace and Simon Taylor, who had been the visual effects designers on the unaired pilot episode. He was a longtime visual effects designer on the Verity Lambert-produced Jonathan Creek, as well as the Richard Wilson/Annette Crosbie vehicle One Foot in the Grave. He went on to work with Lee Evans on So What Now? and Ardal O'Hanlon on My Hero. He also designed the visual effects for The Mighty Boosh. He had a very long association with Last of the Summer Wine, working on over forty episodes from 1982 to 2007.

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