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Christian Rodska played Laan Carder in the Big Finish Doctor Who audio story Faith Stealer and Reverend Small in The Dead Shoes, a part of the Hornets' Nest story line.

He has been working in British television steadily since the late 1960s. Though mostly a prolific character actor, he has occasionally been a series regular, as with the children's show Follyfoot, where he played the part of "Ron Stryker". He was also a regular on The Stars Look Down, with Norman Jones; The Nesbitts Are Coming, with Clive Swift; and 55 Degrees North with Dervla Kirwan and Andrew Dunn.

His list of guest-starring roles is significant, but includes turns in Z-Cars; The Tomorrow People; Coronation Street; Robert Banks Stewart's Bergerac; Campion with Peter Davison, Brian Glover and Andrew Burt; and Doc Martin with Martin Clunes, Katherine Parkinson and Ian McNeice.

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