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Christine Lafayette was the Chief Psychologist on Project Eden in the 22nd century. She had dark hair and a faint French accent. She never knew her father Johann. When she was younger she originally wanted to study Arcturan literature, but her mother Madrigal said it was “bad for business”. Her mother was the Chairperson of the Earth Alliance of Corporations and put substantial funding into Project Eden, but their relationship was strained. Her mother saw Christine as just a status symbol, showing that she was rich enough to circumvent the eugenics lottery.

As Chief Psychologist on Project Eden, Christine was responsible for the mental health of the crew and advocated for trying to communicate with the Angels on Lucifer. She frequently argued with Alex Bannen about the division of resources.

In 2157, the Seventh Doctor, Bernice Summerfield, and Ace came to the Project. Christine was on the Lift, a toroidal space elevator that went between the moons Belial and Moloch, when Bannen caused the moons to move out of alignment. The Lift was torn apart, and although Christine was one of the few who made it to Moloch safely, she lost her arm.

When the Interplanetary Mining Corporation invaded the system, the multidimensional leader of the fleet, Legion, was under orders from her mother to spare only Christine. She was brought onboard the Insider Trading and given an artificial arm. She and Bernice disguised themselves in IMC uniforms and stole an executive transporter. They were about to be pulled into the artificial black holes created by IMC when the Angels transported them back to Belial.

She was among the nine of the twenty-eight original crew who made it out of the system on a shuttle before the Angels sealed it off. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)