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Proposed new name Christine Summerfield (Bernice Summerfield's universe) by TheChampionOfTime. See talk page for the rationale. However, this name for the bottle universe is not established, and has become increasingly ambiguous with the release of recent Big Finish audio box sets. Bernice certainly appears in N-Space in several stories. She travels to a parallel universe and, apparently, also appears in some bottle universe. Thus, identifying a universe by Bernice does not seem an optimal solution anymore.

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Christine Summerfield was the only recorded relative of Bernice Summerfield to be named Christine Summerfield. She was not a direct ancestor of Bernice Summerfield.

She was born in the early 23rd century on the colony planet Vandor Secunda. Her father was Benedict Summerfield III and her brother was Marshal Summerfield II.

Coincidentally, Chris Cwej grew a clone in the bottle universe and named her Christine Summerfield. Before she discovered that she was a clone, the bottle Christine searched for an equivalent Christine Summerfield in the "real" universe. The 23rd century Christine was the only one she could find in the records kept in the 26th century. (PROSE: Dead Romance)