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Chronoclasm is the twelfth Big Finish Productions audio drama in the Jago & Litefoot series and the finale of series 3.

Publisher's summary Edit

When Litefoot's home is invaded by giant metal spheres, it seems that the end of the world is nigh. The enemy has revealed itself, the end game is afoot — can two Henry Gordon Jagos save the day?

Plot Edit

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References Edit

  • According to Payne, this story takes place in "1890, give or take a few years."
  • Sergeant Quick tells Professor Litefoot that the Metropolitan Police Service is issuing the cover story that the metal spheres are a stunt by a group of Bohemian artists.
  • According to Quick, the police have interviewed the Irish author and playwright, Oscar Wilde.
  • As a result of the time breaks, Leela and Jago find a 20th century radio playing a BBC shipping broadcast. They later see a pair of biplanes fighting each other in the sky over 1890s London which had come from World War I in the late 1910s.
  • Payne has brought a sabre-toothed tiger to 1890s London from thousands of years in the past to act as a guard. Leela breaks its neck but sustains several injuries in doing so.
  • The version of Jago from several hours in the future, which is eventually rendered an alternative timeline, is killed by one of Payne's traps.

Story notes Edit

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