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The Chukwa Fel Interrogators were fearsome space warriors in armoured suits. They had red eyes. To end their long war against their Mohini enemies and led by Mokra, Chief Persuivant of the Chukwa Fel and Lord High Bluumchatz, they sought information on Earth. From their spacecraft they teleported to London, where they took by force and fusion hammers a report from a government-backed UFO archive (relating to an incident on Bromley Common, 1969). The file contained instructions on how to complete their Solar Obliterator. This would have let them destroy the Mohini, but the Tenth Doctor made some modifications to the file before George Baldwin handed it over. The designs they took built an Inverted Space War Catapult, sending the whole fleet through a wormhole to the other side of the galaxy. (COMIC: Project UFO)