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The Cimliss were a species obsessed with business, similar to humans, Usurians and Okk. Legion had encountered them before, (PROSE: Lucifer Rising) The Cimliss were orange skinned with only lumps and undulations for features. They were experts in bioengineering, but were not known for their compassion; they invaded planets that had reached low points but which might be profitable (PROSE: Dependence Day)

The Seventh Doctor once had Cimliss money while in a bar with Benny on Barrabas Gamma, but it jumped out of his hand and crawled into the shadows. It was still reproducing change in dark corners for weeks. (PROSE: All-Consuming Fire)

Following the collapse of the Earth Empire, the Cimliss handed out food to the starving population. However, the food was infected with a virus that turned humans into Cimliss. Earth Empress, Leabie Forrester had also been infected, so she sent her daughter, Thandiwe Forrester, in a spaceship to ensure the human race would survive. (PROSE: Dependence Day)

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