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Circular Time (audio anthology)

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Circular Time
Circular Time cover
Doctor: Fifth Doctor
Companion(s): Nyssa
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Writer: Paul Cornell and Mike Maddox
Director: John Ainsworth
Music: David Darlington
Sound: David Darlington
Cover by: Barry Piggott
Release details
Release number: 91
Release date: January 2007
Format: 4 stories on 2 CDs
Production code: 6C/H
ISBN 1-84435-169-6
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Circular Time was the ninety-first monthly Doctor Who audio release produced by Big Finish Productions. Released in 2007, it was the company's first attempt at an audio anthology in the main monthly range. It featured the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa. Its critical and popular success paved the way for the release's then-unique format to be repeated annually.

The release contained four separate short stories, including:

The theme of the compilation, as suggested by the title, was the passage of time — specifically the time of the friendship between Nyssa and the Fifth Doctor. A story was taken from each of the major periods of their friendship's life — spring, summer, autumn and winter — to indicate how it matured. Each story was also of a different genre — adventure with aliens on a distant planet, celebrity historical, character piece, and high-concept adventure. Despite the presence of a cohesive theme, however, the stories shared no narrative continuity at all.

Notes Edit

Circular Time comic preview

Illustration by Martin Geraghty from DWM 378.

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