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Clara's TARDIS
Clara and Me in Clara's TARDIS
Place of origin: Gallifrey
Used by: Twelfth Doctor, Clara Oswald, Me
Appearance: Hell Bent

Clara's TARDIS was a TARDIS that was piloted by Clara Oswald and her companion, Me, after having left the Doctor's company.

This TARDIS was initially stolen by the Twelfth Doctor in order to allow Clara to escape Gallifrey and remain alive instead of being forced to return to the moment on her death on the trap street. The Doctor piloted the TARDIS to the last moment of time in the future, where he was reunited with Me. The Doctor planned to wipe Clara's memory of him, but instead he wiped his own.

Clara, now on the run from the Time Lords, piloted the TARDIS to Nevada where she dropped the Doctor off in the care of a man. She then recovered the Doctor's TARDIS from London and transported it to Nevada.

Clara and Me landed the TARDIS nearby, where its chameleon circuit took the form of a diner. The Doctor, attempting to remember Clara, visited the diner. During the visit, the Doctor indicated that the diner was the same one where he'd once met Amy Pond and Rory Williams, though it had been on the other side of the hill.

After realising there was no way to make the Doctor remember her, Clara said goodbye to the Doctor, entering the console room of her TARDIS through a rear door in the diner. Clara and Me decided to take off and return the TARDIS to Gallifrey, taking "the long way 'round". (TV: Hell Bent)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The interior of Clara's TARDIS is a near-replica of the TARDIS set used during the First Doctor era.
  • The diner scenes are in fact filmed in the same real-world diner as the one in The Impossible Astronaut, to which the Doctor alludes: Eddie's Diner, in the Cardiff Bay area.
  • Hell Bent leaves it ambiguous as to whether the diner seen in the earlier episode was indeed Clara's TARDIS; although the diner seen in the episode had noticeable differences to Clara's (i.e. the Elvis-adorned door leads to a hallway, not the TARDIS console room), there is precedent throughout the show's history for TARDIS interiors to be reconfigured.
  • The exit sign above the doorway of the dinner is an European exit sign, not an American one.

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