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Clara the Clown

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Clara the Clown
Appearances: TV: The Celestial Toymaker
TV: The Day of the Clown (archival)
Main actor: Carmen Silvera

Clara the Clown was one of the deadly pawns used by the Celestial Toymaker. When not in a contest, Clara stayed in doll form. Clara was friends with Joey the Clown; the pair took part in contests together. They were used by the Toymaker in a game of blind man's buff against Steven Taylor and Dodo Chaplet. When they failed, they returned to doll form. They were destroyed when the Toymaker's domain was destroyed. (TV: The Celestial Toymaker)

Sarah Jane Smith viewed a photograph of Clara on the internet. (TV: The Day of the Clown) It is unknown how an image of Clara came to be on the web (it is possible that Clara's appearance was based upon a human clown).

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