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Viperox Battle Drone

A Viperox Battle Drone. TV: Dreamland

A claw was a type of manipulatory appendage.

The sapient species of Macra were larger than humans, able to hold a human in one claw. (TV: The Macra Terror) After devolving in the far future, the Macra grew much bigger, and were large enough to easily hold an entire New Earth car in their claws. (TV: Gridlock)

The Cractids were crustaceans with an exoskeleton, two claws, six legs, and mandibles. (AUDIO: Cobwebs)


A Macra holding a human in its claw. TV: The Macra Terror

Tetraps had sharp, clawed hands. (PROSE: Time and the Rani)

Viperox Battle Drones were the soldiers of the Viperox. They had flat plates, four long mandibles and clawed hands, which could shoot out spines which exploded on impact. (TV: Dreamland)

The Nostrovites, in their natural form, appeared to vaguely resemble a human, but with red eyes, sharp claws and teeth, and visible blood vessels. (TV: Something Borrowed)

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