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Clem So played a Mongolian warlord in the pasta scene in part 5 of the Series 7 prequel webcast Pond Life.[1] Clem So also appeared as the 221 BC Chinese pottery painter who writes "Yowzah!" on the base of the vase in The Angels Take Manhattan[1] and as a Japanese tourist in the Tower of London crowd scene in The Day of the Doctor.[1][2]

In series 8 Clem So played a Victorian Clockwork Droid in the Doctor Who television story Deep Breath[3] and the Karabraxos bank customer who deposits a painting in the Bank vault in Time Heist.[4]

In series 9, Clem So played a trap street alien in Face the Raven.[source needed]

He also played a Starline Galactic Villain in the 2015 Christmas Special The Husbands of River Song.[1]

In series 10 Clem So played a Regency Gent in Thin Ice.[1]

Clem So also appeared in series 10's Oxygen as the white haired corpse on the Chasm Forge who touches Bill Potts on the shoulder changing her into a corpse.[1]

Clem So played one of Rafando's guards in Extremis.[1]

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