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Clint Currie was a late 19th century criminal based in Wyoming. He wasn't very intelligent. At first, Currie was a small-time criminal. He had a gang which consisted of four people, including Raccoon.

In 1899, Currie found Jata after he crashed his ship into the desert. Jata agreed to work with Currie. With Jata planning his crimes, Currie was able to commit numerous large hold-ups and robberies. The bounty hunter Molly Zook began following Currie hoping to capture him and cash in on the large reward.

From the Horse's Mouth

Currie rides into a Wyoming town on Jata with his gang. (COMIC: From the Horse's Mouth)

Three months after his crime spree began, Currie came to a town to rob a shipment of gold from a train. The Twelfth Doctor and Zook were also in the town at the time. Currie's gang made it look like they were going to rob the bank, so the town's sheriff had all his men surround the bank, which left the train station unguarded. While Currie robbed the train, the Doctor told the sheriff he had been tricked and the sheriff had his men block off all possible escape routes from the train station. Currie was arrested and Zook collected some of the reward for his capture. (COMIC: From the Horse's Mouth)