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Clive Plymton was a man of the 20th century.

He wrote articles about about historical events for monthly periodicals. However, he wanted to write a passionate historical novel. Since he moved to No.1 Gallows Gate Road he did not feel the ambition to write that novel. The ambition was taken by an alien which was hiding inside an oak tree near No.1 Gallows Gate Road.

The only resident of the house who was not affected by the alien was Robert Mann. Robert still hadn't decided what he wanted to be in life so the alien had no ambition to feed on. The Tenth Doctor told Robert that Robert was the only one who could cut down the tree. Robert did it and the other residents got back their ambition. Clive started to make notes for his novel. He gave Miss Gibbs a coy smile which made her very happy. (PROSE: Number 1, Gallows Gate Road)