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The Cloister Bell was an alarm bell located in the Cloister Room inside TARDISes. The Cloister Bell was used in the most serious emergencies, emergencies so grave that even the TARDIS itself and its inhabitants were in danger. Its distinctive, sonorous, ringing sound resembled that of a large church bell. It could be answered by anyone inside the TARDIS. The Fourth Doctor told Adric that if he needed him, Adric could sound the Cloister Bell, indicating it could be manually activated. (TV: Logopolis)

Instances when the Cloister Bell was heard

Instances when the Cloister Bell was not heard

The bell was never heard until towards the end of the Fourth Doctor's life. Particularly, the Cloister Bell was not activated:

Behind the scenes

  • The sound of the Cloister Bell was made by hitting a gong in a pool of water. [source needed]

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