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Clothing was material made for covering the body.

A chamberlain serving in Richard the Lionheart's court recognised the clothing worn by the First Doctor and Vicki Pallister as belonging to the palace. (TV: The Crusade)

The aliens that Andrew met on three subsequent Saturdays thought he was a different incarnation of the Doctor based on the clothing he was wearing at the time. (PROSE: The Andrew Invasion)

Kymbra Chimeras were unable to accurately copy clothing, so it appeared fused to their flesh. (COMIC: Changes)

The Blue, Red and Yellow Kangs had hair and clothing coloured to match their tribal name. (TV: Paradise Towers)

A hologram shell was worn by Saibra to replicate clothing, allowing her to efficiently disguise herself in conjunction with her own ability as a mutant human to morph by replicating living cells. (TV: Time Heist)

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