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The Coal Hill Police Station was a little police station located in Coal Hill. Some of its walls were painted bright pink to calm down criminals.

On one occasion, a gang leader was arrested and brought to the station after he attacked a local pub. He died in one of the station's cells due to the lethal mixture of alcohol and drugs he had consumed before the attack. After the news of his death got out, his gang attacked the station.

In 1997, the police constables Bates and Sanders found the Eighth Doctor in Foreman's Yard with a bag of cocaine and brought him to the police station. The Doctor was interrogated by Detective-Inspector Foster. The interrogation was disrupted by Baz Bailey, who wanted to get back the cocaine the Doctor had taken from him an started a riot outside the station. In this confusion, the Doctor escaped the station and went back to his TARDIS. (PROSE: The Eight Doctors)

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