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A coat was a form of clothing worn on the upper body, much alike a jacket, but was more substantial in length.

The Doctor wore numerous coats throughout his life. The First Doctor wore a black Edwardian morning coat on at least one occasion, (TV: The Five Doctors) while the Second Doctor wore a brown fur coat over his usual attire when visiting locations with inhospitable climes. (TV: The Abominable Snowmen, The Ice Warriors, The Five Doctors)

The Fourth Doctor wore a variety of coats, among them a brown woollen overcoat (TV: The Ark in Space, The Sontaran Experiment, Genesis of the Daleks, Terror of the Zygons) a burgundy velvet frock coat, (TV: Pyramids of Mars, The Masque of Mandragora - The Deadly Assassin) a grey tweed frock coat (TV: The Android Invasion et al) a chestnut brown velvet frock coat, (TV: The Face of Evil et al) a light brown Harris tweed frock coat (TV: The Power of Kroll et al) and a deep plum greatcoat with emerald green lining. (TV: The Leisure Hive onwards) He also briefly adopted a blue overcoat as part of the chauffeur uniform he used in an attempt to gain access to Harrison Chase's mansion. (TV: The Seeds of Doom)

The Fifth Doctor wore two similar beige frock coats, one with a yellowish tint (TV: Castrovalva onwards) and another with a greyer one. (TV: The Awakening onwards) The Sixth Doctor initially wore a patchwork frock coat with several different colours and fabrics, (TV: The Twin Dilemma onwards) which he replaced with a similar coat in different shades of blue for a period (AUDIO: Real Time onwards) before returning to the original. (TV: Time and the Rani) The Seventh Doctor wore a tan duffel coat over his usual attire during his visit to Maiden's Point. (TV: The Curse of Fenric)

The Eighth Doctor wore a green velvet frock coat for much of his early life, (TV: Doctor Who, AUDIO: Storm Warning, Blood of the Daleks) replacing it with a similar one in blue after his original was destroyed onboard the Ophidius (COMIC: Ophidius) up until its demise on Earth in 2005. (COMIC: The Flood) Later in his life, he had adopted a green trench coat. (COMIC: The Pictures of Josephine Day, TV: The Night of the Doctor)

The Tenth Doctor often wore a brown overcoat over his regular attire, (TV: The Christmas Invasion onwards) while the Eleventh Doctor wore both a dark green moleskin greatcoat (TV: Let's Kill Hitler et al) and an aubergine tweed frock coat (TV: The Bells of Saint John) on various occasions. He also adopted a Victorian frock coat on two occasions, (TV: The Snowmen, The Time of the Doctor) and used a military greatcoat as part of a ploy to confuse Kahler-Tek during his visit to the town of Mercy, Nevada. (TV: A Town Called Mercy)

The Twelfth Doctor's outfit initially featured a dark blue coat with red lining. (TV: Deep Breath) Later in his travels with Clara Oswald, he adopted a new burgundy velvet coat. (COMIC: The Highgate Horror, TV: Face the Raven)

Captain Jack Harkness often wore a large blue RAF issue greatcoat. (TV: The Doctor Dances onwards)

While impersonating racing pilot Horation Hamilton, Zalenby wore a long leather flying coat and silk scarf. (PROSE: The Game of Death)

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