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Dr Colin Dove was the director of the Hawthorne clinic. The clinic had been run by Jeremiah O'Kane and his family, but O'Kane handed the directorship to Dr Dove and retired to accommodations on the grounds. Despite his fading memory, he continued to mentor the doctors there. Jeremiah's father, mother and two sisters had been murdered by Jeremiah's brother forty years earlier — the clinic was built in a place prone to murderous possession of victims at many times in history. O'Kane and Dove knew another cycle of evil was imminent and set up a bizarre experiment. They organised the return of O'Kane's deranged brother as an inmate. When government cut-backs forced the closure of hospitals, Peter Russell — O'Kane's adopted son, in reality the son of O'Kane's insane brother — stepped in to finance the clinic and keep it open. Apparently part of their plan, or certainly Dove's plan, was to bring the father and son together at the appointed time and create "perihelion" — allowing chaos to erupt into the world. Dove was having an affair with a member of his staff, Dr Hearst. He used his influence over her to help keep Russell and the investigators from PROBE from finding out about his plan.

Dove was accused of perpetrating the grisly murders which had accompanied the transfer of "Patient Zero". To allow events to unfold, he did not deny the charges. Detained in one of the clinic's cells, and after having explained his devious plot to Liz Shaw, the increasingly unbalanced Dove was himself murdered by the patient's astral projected spirit. It was only after Russell was possessed by the same evil spirit and his self-sacrificing father had saved Shaw from him, that "perihelion" was avoided and life returned to normal at the clinic. (HOMEVID: The Zero Imperative)