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Colin Henrick was a human who lived in Wolfenden.

He grew up in Manchester. Later he met the alien Mrs Hendrick. He married her and moved to Wolfenden. The couple had a son, Ben Hendrick.

Mrs Hendrick told Colin about her home, the Tristian Cluster, and that she wanted to go back there. She said to him that she needed the chemicals of the human memories to activate a machine that helped her alien race to find her. Colin Henrick believed her and helped her to steal the memories of the local people.

However, Luke Smith soon found out that Mrs Hendrick had lied to her husband. She was a prisoner and with the machine she prevented her race from finding her. After this Sarah Jane Smith made sure that Mr Smith told the location of Mrs Hendrick to her species. Mrs Hendrick's species took her into prison. The other family members like Colin's son Ben went with the aliens to the Tristian Cluster and made it their home. Colin Hendrick stayed on Earth. (AUDIO: The White Wolf)