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Colin Redmayne was an inhabitant of Ramón Salamander's underground community of scientists. He eventually learned the truth about Salamander and was freed.

In 2018, Colin wondered what would happen to the scientists if Salamander stopped coming to see them. He was frustrated with the routine of his life and with being trapped underground. He wanted to go to the surface with Salamander, but none of the others who went to the surface had come back. He grumbled when Swann was allowed to go to the surface with Salamander.

When Astrid Ferrier visited them underground, he thought she must be carrying radiation and wanted to decontaminate her. She told the scientists about Salamander's lies. Colin identified Giles Kent as the man who had led them down into the caves in the first place. (TV: The Enemy of the World)

Behind the scenes Edit

His last name is only given in the novelisation.